Global player in dairy ingredients serving industries around the world

All of the dairy ingredients activities of Savencia SA are now grouped under a common entity: Armor*.

Specialist in its markets, the Armor* entity is a guarantee of quality and innovation. The pooling of resources, the cross-functionality of expertise, the synergy of skills and the sharing of common values ​​allow to address new challenges every day.

Each Armor* sector can therefore sustainably valorize milk to create appropriate and innovative solutions in many constantly evolving markets around the world.

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A multi-market presence

Armor* is positioned as a pivotal player to take full advantage of benefits of milk derivatives. By offering functional ingredients and nutritional solutions, Armor* provides a set of efficient, constantly optimized solutions. Our historical knowledge and capabilities in innovation are distinguishing assets that are valued by our customers. We have earned recognition in many international markets.

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Armor* Key Figures:

International player in milk processing, Armor* is based on an entire network much beyond its original borders.

*Figures from Savencia SA - 12.31.2019
  • 9 production sites in recognized dairy areas
  • More than 50 years of experience
  • More than 800 employees
  • 4.2 billion liters of milk processed*
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