How would you like your lactose?

The Expertise of Armor Pharma

Armor has been manufacturing and selling lactose for more than 40 years: edible lactose for the food processing industry and refined edible lactose for infant formula. The quality of its products and expertise have enabled it to establish itself as a major player on the French and European markets. This is the reason why Armor choses to extend its activities to the manufacture of pharmaceutical lactose.

The Offer of Armor Pharma

Armor Pharma is a new activity for Armor, business specializing in the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical grade lactose:

A major excipient in the formulation of sachets, capsules, tablets and inhalers, the lactose is used in the manufacture of many drugs, both on human and animal health market.

The range of solutions offered by Armor Pharma is therefore intended for pharmaceutical and veterinary laboratories; and can meet the specific needs of each client.

The Difference of Armor Pharma

To ensure the highest quality,  Armor Pharma has established a new and dedicated factory in accordance with the pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution of excipients standards, in perfect harmony with the current pharmaceutical regulations:  USP-NF, Ph. Eur., & JP.

Armor Pharma commits to develop strong partnerships with each of its customers, and together they can go further. This is why Armor Pharma has set up a process that underpins its vision of the customer relationship.