The specialist of functional and nutritional dairy ingredients

The Expertise of Armor Protéines

As a milk cracking specialist, Armor Protéines offers a range of ingredients that meets all the needs in the food industry.

A perfect combination of an active understanding of the needs, technological know-how, an applicatory development and the latest technologies allow to meet the market demand for nutritional and functional dairy ingredients.

The Offer of Armor Protéines

The main food industry sectors use the Armor Protéines ingredients. Functional contributions for food (cheeses, ice creams, ready-made meals, dairy products, pastry and bakery, chocolate…), but also health benefits for specific nutritional needs (infant, sports and dietetics, clinical, senior nutrition).

The aim is to provide an optimized response to all requests by our industrial clients. The functional and nutritional properties of the finished products are optimized by working on innovative solutions (minerals, whey proteins, casein and caseinates, milk substitutes, filled milk powders, bioactive proteins, etc.).

The Difference of Armor Protéines

Armor Protéines manages the milk from the collection stage right up to the finished products.  This traceability ensures a high level of quality. In addition, the company is present at each fractionation level. The plants satisfy the HACCP standards in order to provide safe, effective, efficient and high quality ingredients.

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